TUMCS | Thomas Höfer | 01.05.2021

As part of the ERC Proof-of-Concept Grant LiveSen, Alaa and Tobias were able to develop an electrochemical biosensor for agriculture. Now they are starting their independent career with the EXIST Transfer of Research!

The LiveSEN Team. © LiveSEN

For many years, Alaa and Tobias have accompanied the group and published outstanding papers. Through their work in the LiveSEN project, they have been able to show that environmental protection and increased efficiency do not have to be a contradiction in agriculture. Thanks to funding from the EXIST Transfer of Research programme, they can now take their research one step closer to market maturity. The core objective of this start-up is to prevent over-fertilisation on agricultural land. This is to be achieved by means of an intelligent electrochemical nitrate biosensor. An important step towards more environmental protection and higher-yield agriculture. We wish you great success!