TUMCS | Thomas Höfer | 05.05.2021

A perspective on reversible catalysis led by our very close collaborators Vincent Fourmond and Christophe Léger has been published in Nature Reviews Chemistry!

Cover Nature Reviews Chemistry Vol. 5. Image: Laurent Eisler; Design: Carl Conway

Reversibility is an essential property of a catalyst for effective catalysis. The comparison of directionality and reversibility can provide information on how reversibility can be understood in the context of catalysis. This is all the more important as different definitions of reversibility sometimes prevail in different fields. Vincent, Nicolas and Christophe hope that their perspective will help to find a consistent terminology. A clear distinction should be made between reaction rate, directionality and reversibility so that new analytical models can be developed to help design the catalysts of the future.

We hope that our Perspective will bring those working in the respective fields together and help develop consistent terminology, the absence of which has, until now, plagued knowledge transfer.

Vincent Fourmond, Nicolas Plumeré & Christophe Léger


Original publication

Fourmond, V., Plumeré, N. & Léger, C. Reversible catalysis. Nat Rev Chem 5, 348–360 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41570-021-00268-3