TUMCS | Thomas Höfer | 01.03.2021

With two great publications in JACS Au and Chem, Huaiguang is leaving our group to go as a postdoc to Cambridge. It has been a successful and enjoyable time and we wish him every success in Cambridge!

Dr. Huaiguang Li

Many fields, such as molecular electronics, biomedicine or electrochemistry are interested in anchoring organic molecules directly to metal surfaces. One way to produce such thin organic films is to bind the molecules to a surface of gold (Au). It is assumed that this happens via a so-called covalent sigma Au-C bond. Huaiguang was now able to prove this bond directly by 13C isotopes and NMR spectroscopy!

He also publishes, together with Nicolas, a preview of the work of Chenevier and co-workers. In it, they look at the possibilities of producing electrocatalytic materials based on molecular catalysts to make hydrogen fuel cells from abundant metals.

After many exciting years in Prof. Nicolas Plumeré’s group, Huaiguang is now moving to the UK to do postdoctoral research at the prestigious University of Cambridge. We wish him every success and a wonderful time in Cambridge!